We Protect <br><span> The Biology & The Environment </span>


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We Protect
The Biology & The Environment

With our precautionary principles to protect the ENVIRONMENT, our mission is to serve superior products imitating and respectful of the NATURE.

The company was founded in 1988 in “Sauerland”, North Rhine-Westphalia and has grown into a leading precision parts manufacturer focusing on Medical and Dental Technology.

In 2018 started to develop the Notch Implant System and produce with German highest clever technology.


Osseointegration <br><span>at its best</span>

at its best

Calcioss surface treatment enhances the surface topography for faster osteoblast proliferation.

Calcioss surface

Nature Purity
Nature Purity
100% Biocompatible<
100% Biocompatible
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Notch® Implant GmbH

Excellent Performance
in Implant Dentistry

In order to facilitate your implant applications, all NOTCH products are designed according to the “One-4-All” concept to make the workflow easier for surgical and prosthetic phase and a smaller room for your product stock.

Excellent Performance <br><span>in Implant Dentistry </span>

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